Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coffeeneuring Ride 5: Blue Bottle Coffee

Ride 5: October 26 / Blue Bottle Coffee / 16.5 miles / Cappuccino & Iced Coffee

Two coffeeneuring rides in one weekend?  I'm getting after it. 

I did tone it back, though.  A 20+ mile ride was a little too ambitious, and I was still shell-shocked from the last Brooklyn ride that resulted in multiple hours without a sandwich. 

I set my sights on Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ate a sandwich BEFORE I left this time, and departed around Noon.  It was partly cloudy in the high 50s, and kind of windy.
7.8 miles to Blue Bottle Coffee
The route to Blue Bottle Coffee is very similar to the route I took to get to Cafe Grumpy.  The only thing worth noting on the ride out was that it was WINDY on the Queensboro Bridge.  The weather was great, the traffic was reasonable (by NYC standards) and it was a very easy ride there.
Blue Bottle Coffee.  All kinds of bikes.
This coffee shop is the coolest coffee shop I've ever been to.  I was not cool enough to be in there.  I am very surprised that they didn't check to see that everyone had an iPhone 6 before they walked in there.  I also did not meet the dress code. You'd figure that with a bike lane out front, I would have known the level of cool before I walked in, but I didn't.

The shop itself looks like it was a converted garage, so the front windows are nice and open so it's great for people-watching.  The menu was simple and I decided on a cappuccino.  Apparently the Coffee Gods are looking out for me, because when I was paying, I was offered an extra iced coffee for free. Winning.
Cappuccino and Iced Coffee a la gratis
The cappuccino and iced coffee were delicious.  I swear that there might have been some chocolate in that iced coffee.  Also, I did get a little warm riding to the shop, so the iced coffee was a welcome refreshment before my ride home. 
Also, by ride home, I mean with a quick stop at Standings to watch the 1pm NFL games.   
Blue Bottle to Standings to Home - 8.7 miles 
I rode across town this time over to the Hudson River, because I am NOT falling into the Midtown trap again.  The ride up the river today wasn't nearly as nice as yesterday.  It was cloudy and windy, so much so that I couldn't really keep a good cadence against the headwind.
Sorry I didn't include as many bridge pictures today.  (I'm not sorry...i just forgot.)
Ride 5: check.

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  1. What an entertaining post! Having just run Marine Corps last weekend, I can only imagine the throngs of people out and about. Great report and excellent pseudonyms :)